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Unwrap a brighter future

December 9, 2019

Unwrap a brighter future with United Mortgage. You will earn more income, be more competitive, and have the tools and support to run your business how you’d like with our revolutionary mortgage banker program.

Earn a flat 200 bps on all loans you close from day one. In addition, earn 25 bps residual income on all loans closed by mortgage bankers you refer. It’s that simple. There are no compensation tiers, no caps on referrals, and no management is required. With full company benefits and unlimited income potential, who could ask for more?

We are a purchase-focused company, and one of the only mortgage companies to guarantee on-time closing. United Mortgage has an extensive product offering and ultra-competitive rates. While other companies increase margins to cover unnecessary management and operating costs, United Mortgage is streamlined and 100% debt-free.

United Mortgage provides the technology, systems, and resources to allow you to work from anywhere successfully. Your schedule is just that – yours. You manage your time and your business as you see fit. Our in-house operations team is here to support you by processing your loans and ensuring they close on time, every time.

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  • Earn Flat 200 BPS Commission + 25 BPS Residual Income per Referral

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